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A blind and a sheer beautifully crafted as one. Meet Shadow MagicĀ® Shadings by Shade-O-Matic. Adjustable fabric vanes between two translucent panels gently diffuse light while adding an element of privacy. Pretty brilliant.


Cool, clean lines keep the styling as modern as your perspective. Even with an extended expanse of glass, Shadow Magic Shadings keep the sophistication level uncluttered and the functionality unparalleled.


Seamless beauty, shades cover large window expanses without any seams

Soft neutral tones or dark bold colours, in patterns that are light filtering for privacy without total darkness or room darkening patterns for greater privacy

Shadings carefully consider the environment for healthier living

Energy Efficient - Shadings protect against 99% of harmful UV rays

Automation is available

Fabrics are anti-static, dust and stain resistant

Available Operating Systems:

Cordless Lift
Power Wand
Fabric Covered Headrail
Two on One Headrail

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